Secrets of GLEF

“Why is the admission so selective?”
“Why small intake size?”
“What’s the distinct advantage of ‘interdisciplinary’?”
“I have never heard of GLEF.” 

You may have doubted while doing research on GLEF. Let’s unveil the masks of this ‘mysterious’ GLEF life … 

Are you ready? Turn your speaker on and let’s go!

More videos are coming and we’ll bring you to the worlds of student life, career prospect, exchange experiences etc. Stay tuned!

We appreciate so much for our students' wholehearted contributions (being interviewed, video recording, video editing, photos sharing, designing the video style etc.):
Mr Andy HSU
Ms Jina HUR
Ms Jadis LEE
Mr Matthew LI
Mr Jovanovick LUIDANIEL
Ms Maggie NG
Mr Rocky SHUM
Ms Ananya SONY
Ms Eunice YEUNG
Prof Ying-Foon CHOW
Prof Terence CHONG

June 2018