Here shows our students' individual research project on a topic in global economics and finance under the supervision of an instructor. The student is required to formulate a research topic, write a proposal, conduct literature search and review, compile datasets, carry out econometric analyses, write a final report, and present the findings in class.

Economics-related topics (selected)

Finance-related topics (selected)

An analysis of the social housing scheme in Taiwan, A rental system view

An Investigation of Relationship between Cost of Capital and ESG Performance

Crowdfunding in Hong Kong

Chinese Pecking Order

Case study of Hong Kong & Singapore: Competition or Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative?

Effects of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on Return Differentials of Dual-Listed Chinese Stocks Using Synthetic Control Method

Development,  ASEAN Economic Community & the Opportunities for Thailand

Impact of capital structure on firms' profitability

Health, How does an increase in Tobacco tax affect health outcomes with recent evidence from America?

Local Stock Return and Impact of FOREX Volatility

Housing, Correlation Study: OECD Countries Demographic Structure and Housing Price

Recurrent Transactions and Expropriation of Minority Shareholders

Movements of Japan's housing price after economic bubble:  What Hong Kong can learn from Japan

Size Distribution Inequality and Corporate Debt

Profitable Central Bank:  Scarification of Making Money

The effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Firms' Operating Performance

Rationale on the discrepancy between Hong Kong and Singapore REIT markets during 2011 to 2016

The Impact of the Stock Split on the Abnormal Return

Social Security, The “Best" Way for Hong Kong Retirement System

The Price Gap between Dual-Listed A and H shares and the impact of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program