What are the major differences between taking double major/ double degree in QFIN and ECON?

Double major means fulfilling the requirement of two major programs, for example, GLEF and statistics. Students need to do more courses and therefore may need 4.5 or even 5 years to complete the degree. Apart from some overlapping majors in the University, students are free to choose their own major pairs. Double-degree applies to certain University-specified pairing of degree programs, on fulfilling the requirements of which, the student graduates with two degrees. GLEF does not provide double-degree option at present.

What are the advantages of the GLEF program over other similar programs offered in Hong Kong?

First, the program is small (i.e. class size is small) and so there is more interaction with teachers and among students. Second, students are of excellent quality and so peer-learning effect is great. Third, students come from diverse cultural background, and so cultural sensitivity and global exposure are enhanced, leading to better preparedness for the global financial industry. Fourth, a wide range of facilities and resources is provided by two Faculties and two departments. Fifth, the program combines analytical discipline stressed by economics with practical training emphasized by Finance to provide students with a balanced curriculum. Sixth, GLEF provides a wide range of career support facilities. 

Can GLEF students take double major?

Yes, restrictions applied. Please approach Academic and Quality Section, Registry for details. Minor and double degree in GLEF are not allowed.

Is there any career support from GLEF?

A seasoned Placement Director is here to provide career guidance. We send out employment opportunities and job ads from time to time. Students may check their mail box for the latest news. Student career ambassadors are appointed to coordinate career activities and info dissemination. Workshops exclusively for GLEF students are also held. Support is also available at the Student Career Planning and Development Division of the CUHK Business School Undergraduate Office. Internship placements are provided by the Department of Economics on a competitive basis. 

Is there a guaranteed internship?

Internships are provided on a competitive basis, and therefore are not guaranteed. Adequate opportunities for internship are provided so that students are keenly interested will not be disappointed. Students are encouraged to explore internship opportunities and apply to those which fit their own career plans. We offer career advising and students are always welcome to have a chat with us.

Will GLEF arrange compulsory exchange?

Exchange study is optional and is not guaranteed.  The University and its Colleges provide abundant exchange opportunities. Some of those opportunities are open to students of the Business School and a few to Economics students only. GLEF students are eligible to apply for them. GLEF students are enthusiastic about exchange and in actual fact, almost all of them would have gone on exchange by the final year. Students can choose host universities that most satisfy their needs. 

How many students will be admitted?

The admission quota for GLEF is 25 per year. This includes JUPAS, non-JUPAS and international students, the ratio may vary depending on the academic performance of students of the entry year.

Will there be any scholarships or financial aids available to GLEF students?

Yes. Different scholarships and financial schemes are available for eligible students from the University, Faculties, and Colleges.

What are the criteria for HKDSE candidates to be shortlisted for admission interview?

Candidates must meet our minimum requirement, we’ll also take applicants’ other information into account on top of the HKDSE results. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the interview via email or by phone call.

Will I have better chance to be admitted if I pursue more elective courses at HKDSE?

The formula we use to calculate WGPA takes into account the best 2 elective subjects taken. Up to 1 additional elective subject will earn bonus point according to a scale stipulated by CUHK. A 4th elective (or further) will not earn any bonus point (subject to the University's approval).

What are the criteria for non-JUPAS and international applicants to be shortlisted for admission interview?

We will consider each applicant’s application on a case-by-case basis. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview via email or by phone call.