Helen TSENG - Class of 2018

“Steve Jobs once said that ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.’ Looking back, I will never regret joining GLEF, as the programme has offered me way more than what I had ever expected.

The program’s interdisciplinary structure has broadened our horizons significantly.
Therefore, I proudly announce that ‘I am a GLEF alumnus, class of 2018’.”

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Rocky SHUM - Class of 2017

“This is the beginning of something great.

5 years ago I delightfully accepted the GLEF offer with loads of hopes and expectation ahead of my u-life. Opportunities happened. Lots of possibilities are here but study tops them all. Make no mistakes, no one is destined to succeed without making effort.

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Nicholas WONG - Class of 2017

“Throughout four years of tertiary education, one of the most important lessons I have learnt is never to limit yourself.
University, however, is a place for you to dream.
GLEF is special, not because it teaches you something that is not taught in other E&F programs, not because it guarantees certain career path or outcome after graduation, but because it is one of a kind.
So dream big and follow your heart.

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Thiha ZAW - Class of 2016

“The GLEF program provides a rigorous training ground not only for those aiming for a banking career but also for those with a strong interest in research.  Interdisciplinary nature of the program allowed me to find my passion through exploring the diverse topics in economics and finance. Aside from professional development, I had a chance to meet with the brightest minds from across the world through this truly global program. Overall, with interdisciplinary structure, strong quantitative training, and supportive community, the program is a critical boost for my career in research and my network of lifelong friends.”

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