Kenny FONG – University of Michigan, USA

“The United States is truly a place where you find opportunity, excitement and diversity.

During my 5-month stay in the States, I realized that the country is actually more than what Hollywood movies told us.
While ‘Carpe Diem’ seems to be the life-guiding principle of many Americans.
The place where I studied, Ann Arbor, is a small but peaceful town that has been constantly ranked as the best city to live in America.
I believe that going on a student exchange is definitely a plus.
Thank you for all the good memories, America.
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Rachel CHAN - The University of New South Wales, Australia

“Hi Sydney,

I really love all the things you brought to me - new friends, old friends, relaxation, appropriate learning environment, Dance Society, Wonderful trips, comfortable house(mates)...
I learn not to judge before knowing, give up before trying, and blame before investigating.

Exchange is an unique chance that you can search for your self - about your dreams, your soul and your limits.
Cherish people who care about your feeling more than your achievement.
Thanks for letting me relax and return with a refreshing soul from exchange and may you stay in my memory vividly :)

Rachel Chan” more

Jimmy CHEN - The University of British Columbia, Canada

The Best Place on Earth! Canadian people in British Columbia always proudly call their home like this.

I went to the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (UBC) in the fall of 2017.

In addition to beautiful scenery, the excellent courses in UBC really impressed me as well.

The people in Vancouver are also very nice and easygoing. Last but not least, as a big football fan, I like Vancouver because it has Vancouver Whitcaps FC which is one of the best football club in North America.

In a nutshell, I am firmly convinced that British Comlumbia is a perfect destination for exchange study. more

Helen CHAN – The University of Sydney, Australia

“The semester exchange to Australia was about asking myself how far I could go beyond my comfort zone.

If you started to feel bored in studying your major, would you try some thought-provoking discussions towards sociology of religion, sex education on young people or even philosophy of life with Australian? To make a living thousands kilometres away from home was certainly another challenge. Sounds interesting, right?” more