Distinct advantages

  • GLEF aims to recruit the best students from Hong Kong and the rest of the world. That is why the size of the first cohort, starting in September 2012, will not exceed 25 students. Students will be put into a highly demanding and challenging learning environment. They will be able to learn from each other, from world-class faculty members, and from industry professionals.
  • In view of the rapid development and growing sophistication of financial markets and instruments around the world, there is clear and increasing demand for graduates who are well-equipped to operate, innovate, and excel in this work environment. This program provides the highly specialized skills and knowledge for graduates who aspire to launching careers in financial institutions of global markets.
  • This program places heavy emphasis on internship and research experience, from which students can further develop their potential and consolidate their knowledge.
  • Students will have access to the human resources and the computing facilities in both the Department of Economics and the Department of Finance. The program is fully supported by both departments, which possess a wide range of expertise and learning resources in economics and finance. For example, students can access a trading laboratory which provides simulated trading experience that is second to none among all universities worldwide.