About GLEF

Hong Kong has emerged as a major global financial hub. There is thus growing demand for finance professionals who possess knowledge of global economic and financial affairs and competence in carrying out financial analyses and operations.

The Interdisciplinary Major Program in Global Economics and Finance (GLEF) strives to provide students with solid interdisciplinary training in economics and finance in a global context, and to cater for societal needs by preparing graduates who have strong analytical training and the requisite global mind-set to overcome future challenges of the banking and finance industry. Graduates are expected to embrace the virtues of integrity, honesty, and a sense of responsibility.

Upon completion of the program, students are expected to have solid knowledge in:

  • The complex interrelationships among world economies in terms of the flow of goods, services, and funds.
  • The functions and operations of financial markets and institutions, and the interaction among them in a globalised context.
  • The wide range of financial instruments in the globalised economies with regard to their design, properties, and pricing.
  • The use of econometric and mathematical modelling tools in analysing economic and financial issues.

Graduates are expected to develop promising careers in multinational firms in the banking, finance and business consulting sectors or to engage in financial research in public or private organisations.